Case Study

Rob's Story

Rob was a front line soldier, in 2010 whilst on deployment in Afghanistan his patrol was hit by an IED. The attack left him completely blind. Everything he knew was turned upside down, he had no idea what the future held for him. Rob found himself very socially isolated and quickly realised he would need help to help him learn to live again and become independent once more.

Blind Veterans UK helped Rob through his rehabilitation program where he re-learned basic skills like cooking and taking care of his home environment. He is now starting to rebuild his life and is enjoying time with his family, being able to show his children that the world is their oyster.

Blind Veterans UK helps ex-Service men and women of every generation rebuild their lives after sight loss. Since 1915 we’ve provided rehabilitation, training, practical advice and emotional support to tens of thousands of blind veterans.

Rob’s story is an example of the difference made by the training, rehabilitation and support the charity provides. He has been given new equipment, training and the freedom to achieve his goals as more than just an injured solider.