Why support Blind Veterans?

Living with sight loss has a massive impact on a person’s daily life - mostly things we all take for granted.

Something as simple as making a cup of tea, to facing social isolation. Blind Veterans UK are on hand to provide support and solutions to many problems faced by those living with sight loss.

  • Just £10 can fund a liquid level indicator, a nifty little device that sits comfortably on the edge of a mug to be able to tell when its full.
  • £34 can purchase an Echo Dot device, meaning accessing the internet and digital information is much easier.
  • £63 would buy a pair of Max TV specs, allowing a veteran with limited sight to enjoy a film with their family.

That’s why we need your support now.

Blind Veterans UK are specialists in helping our isolated veterans but most importantly, we’re also people like you who understand and care. We give those who have served our country support that ranges from rehabilitation and training to practical advice, and vital emotional support.

We’re here for them, and now we need you to be here for us. We’re supporting more veterans than we ever have before in our long history, but there are tens of thousands out there who are alone and don’t know we exist for them.

​​Together we can help rebuild blind veterans’ lives after sight loss. Away from isolation. Towards a life of fulfilment.

“The charity was able to fund some special ‘Orcam’ text to speech glasses for me last year, and this enabled me to read bedtime stories to my daughter Penelope – which is pretty priceless and something I could not have done without Blind Veterans UK’s support. So thank you from me (and Penelope)”

- Alan Lock, Blind Veteran.

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